Hello Igor

Hello Igor. Forgive me if my question drags on, but the fact is that I am your long-time reader and an equally long-time admirer. And you, as a person, are an indisputable authority for me.

Now the question!_

Igor, do you consider yourself a folk poet or are you a poet in your own right!
This question has not been drawn from the thumb, on the contrary, it is very important for me and for the following reason: I myself cannot decide whether I am with the people or on my own. I hope your answer will finally orient me in this life or drastically change my view of reality._

Thank you for your letter. Frankly, embarrassed. I would not like to be an indisputable authority for anyone. As for the answer to your question - being a person, I hope, mentally healthy, I cannot voluntarily diagnose myself as a “people’s poet”. As a last resort, I agree to the “conscience of the nation”.

About a man

One person had two heads. One is right, the other is left.

The right one, like most people, was more developed. The left one is correspondingly smaller.

And the man loved this left head of his, as one loves a weak child. He fed her with chocolates, bought muskrat hats, and cut her hair exclusively in the “Enchantress” salon. If it were his will, he would have woven the bows for her, but that would have been too much, since he was a man, and, in addition, he was not young.

But the man kept his right head in a black body. She choked on table goulash and wore a shabby rabbit hat for the fifth year. The man washed her with laundry soap, and cut her hair for fifteen kopecks under a half-box. Needless to say, she was often sick from such a life, and for this the owner did not love her even more.

One summer a man went for a swim. He swam to the middle of the river and rolled over onto his back. The left head immediately swallowed water. It seemed that troubles could not be avoided, but the right head did not disappoint. She took in full lungs of air and screamed with all her might: “Drowning!”. But, realizing that it sounds strange, she corrected herself: “I’m drowning!”.

When the man was dragged ashore, the left head was completely bad. But the right one gave her mouth-to-mouth artificial respiration, and she regained consciousness.

Since then, the man has reconsidered his attitude towards the right head. He bought her a new dog hat, washes it with egg shampoo and cuts a polka-dotted haircut. True, not in the “Enchantress”, but in the hairdressing salon on Panferova Street. But this is also a very good salon. And, telling about his story to friends, every time he does not get tired of repeating: “No, whatever you say, one head is, of course, good, but two are still better!”.