Hello Igor. Forgive me if my question drags on, but the fact is that I am your long-time reader and an equally long-time admirer. And you, as a person, are an indisputable authority for me.

Now the question!_

Igor, do you consider yourself a folk poet or are you a poet in your own right!
This question has not been drawn from the thumb, on the contrary, it is very important for me and for the following reason: I myself cannot decide whether I am with the people or on my own. I hope your answer will finally orient me in this life or drastically change my view of reality._

Thank you for your letter. Frankly, embarrassed. I would not like to be an indisputable authority for anyone. As for the answer to your question - being a person, I hope, mentally healthy, I cannot voluntarily diagnose myself as a “people’s poet”. As a last resort, I agree to the “conscience of the nation”.